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Homemade cold and flu remedies

Photo: supplied It’s hard to avoid getting sick sometimes, especially if you’re in an office all week or with the little ones in and out of daycare, even public transport can pose cold and flu risks. There are, however, some … Continue reading

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Getting well doesn’t need to be complicated

Photo: supplied    It’s that time of the year when Melbourne’s winter shows it’s ugly teeth. Work environments become time bombs of who will be off work next and for some of us this cycle of getting sick time and … Continue reading

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My Journey: Yoga, Sodarshan Chakra Kriya & Me

This blog is written by Sophie Miles, a student at Kundalini House and a true spiritual warrior dedicated to the path of truth & transformation through yoga and natural health. Dearest Yoginis… Even after a few days in to the … Continue reading

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Ayurveda for the Spring

Spring is traditionally a time for new life and renewal.  Envision spring to be a time for weeding the garden (de-cluttering and cleaning) and for sowing the seeds and establishing roots (setting intentions and new routines) for the season ahead … Continue reading

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Is your conscious mind getting in the way of your health, happiness and potential?

In many cases, past experiences set our future behaviours and sets up limitations which effectively constrain our full potential. Hypnotherapy, is commonly used to facilitate adjustment to set new behaviour, and helps free the shackles of behaviour patterns that previously … Continue reading

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Pelvic Instability during Pregnancy: A case study

This case study on Pelvic Instability during pregnancy needs to start at the birth of my gorgeous boy, Junah, who unfortunately became posterior during the labour and remained that way as we laboured together for well… lets say for over … Continue reading

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The V Word

Vulnerability is the new word on the block. Thanks to Brene Brown and her inspiring ted talk, (if you haven’t checked it out yet then jump on board: the word vulnerability is finally being understood and accepted for its … Continue reading

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